Laci Sherrod is a licensed esthetician specializing in a holistic skin care approach. She provides non-invasive facial services with clean, toxin-free products. Her belief of beauty going beyond skin deep emphasizes the reflection of a healthy body and mind contributing to skin health. She educates her clients on smart ingredient choices for at-home care regimens and uses progressive modalities in the treatment room for a unique experience tailored to meet your specific needs. Invest in your skin and book an appointment with Laci today.  

  • *Skin Analysis & Consultation $40 stand alone or complimentary when combined with any skin care service.
  • *Mini facial or “maintenance facial” – cleanse, tone, light exfoliation, moisturize and apply spf. Approximately 30 minutes $50
  • *Soothing facial: focused on relaxation - cleanse, tone, mask, moisturize and apply SPF; (gentle massage: facial, shoulder, arm and hand. – Approximately 60 minutes $75
  • *Treatment facials: customized treatment facials focusing on either age-management or acne. Approximately 45-60 minutes. Starting at $75+
  • *Beard Facial- full facial with concentration on the skin under the beard, steam with hot towels, cleanse, tone, exfoliate, bacteria fighting high frequency and nourishing beard oil applied. - Approximately 30 minutes. $50
  • *Lymphatic drainage facial – Facial designed to stimulate the lymphatic system to promote the removal of bodily toxins and encourages a healthy immune system creating quick turn-over of cells resulting in clearer and rejuvenated skin. -Approximately 45 minutes. $65
  • *Back Facial- For glowing skin on your back, double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, light massage, mask, extractions if needed, and moisturize. -Approximately 60 minutes. $85
  • *Brightening citrus galvanic treatment – Facial focusing on brightening and reducing inflammation using natural citrus and galvanic current.- Approximately 45 minutes. (Need notice to have fresh oranges) $75
  • *Waxing services – using a hard wax to eliminate hair on upper lip, clean up eyebrows or underarms. Starting at $10+
  • *Parties – Get together with friends to be walked through performing your own mini facial by our licensed esthetician with our all natural products. Minimum of 4 people. Call to discuss details and pricing.

Add On’s

*Lip treatment- exfoliating scrub and lip plumping galvanic strawberry treatment. (Need notice to have fresh strawberries) $10

  • Superficial exfoliation – Use of a modified surgical blade to remove dead or dry superficial layers. This exfoliation also increases the rate of absorption of skin care products. Diminishes the appearance of dry lines on aging skin and creates a healthier more radiant appearance. As a byproduct, fine vellus hair is removed for easier makeup application. – $40
  • Skin Rejuvenation Peels – series of customized professional natural peels to help reduce breakouts and oily skin refine skin texture, calm irritation and keep skin hydrated. Package of three, price varies.
  •  Hand & arm treatment – cleansing scrub, light massage and paraffin wax applied. $30

Coming Soon

  • Enzyme Treatment- Facial designed to encourage superficial peeling and exfoliation of the skin through natural enzymes such as papain and bromelain enzymes. –Approximately 45 minutes $65