Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology.  This 30 minute treatment includes 6 different wellness modalities to help detoxify, improve overall cellular health, improve your skin, and improve your overall wellness.


One of the core therapies in the Hocatt is ozone.  When a cell becomes stressed by a physical or chemical shock or bacterial, fungal or viral attack, the energy levels are reduced by the outflow of electrons, making the cell electropositive. Once ozone is introduced, it reacts with these damaged cells, neutralizing the damage. Even better, ozone only targets diseased cells and pathogens, leaving healthy cells alone to continue to thrive.  This improves circulation, inactivates viruses and fungus, and reduces inflammation.

Carbonic Acid:

Carbonic Acid therapy utilizes the carbonic acid that is already present in the human body and introduces CO2 into the chamber to form a new compound – H2CO3. This new compound can penetrate the patient’s skin and bloodstream increasing the oxygen absorption rate.  This physiological process is known as the “Bohr effect” and is highly sought after by medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic scientists.  The benefits are increasing oxygen delivery, reduces inflammation, and improves a sense a calm and well-being. 


Increasing body temperature to promote healing makes complete sense when you think about the fact that the body does the same thing when a person runs a fever. The HOCATT™ Ozone Sauna utilizes both Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and steam sauna to increase the body’s temperature. The result is a dilation of the blood vessels that increases oxygen, nutrient and blood flow. In addition, the white blood cell volume increases. The end result is increased energy, improved detoxification and increased mitochondrial function.

Far Infrared Therapy:

Far Infrared Therapy is a low energy therapy, radiating light in the far infrared wavelength spectrum (4-1000 microns). Approximately 50% of the energy generated by the human body is in the form of Far Infrared Rays. You will experience decreased joint stiffness, relief from muscle aches, and increased blood flow to improve the healing process.


Use Rife Therapies, the HOCATT™ Ozone Sauna converts radio frequencies into electrical impulses to resonate with specific pathogens, fungi, viral agents and bacteria. By permeating the cell membrane and opening it up to the body’s ability to heal, electrotherapy facilitates healing while also improving the body’s overall immune response.


Aromatherapy is used in a wide range of settings from health spas to hospitals to treat a variety of conditions. It is used to relieve pain, improve mood, and promote a sense of relaxation.