Shelli Presley is married to Erik Presley, her husband of 18 years and they have 5 sons. She obtained her Masters in Marriage and Family therapy in 1996 and has spent years in both counseling and pastoral ministry. She has been trained as a life and leadership coach, is a certified  Symbis assessment facilitator for strengthening marriages, and is currently working on developing a parenting curriculum. Her passion is to help people know their purpose and by equipping each one  to thrive in every sphere of life.  Contact Shelli

Vision, Leadership, and Life Coaching

$100 per session

Are you desiring to have greater clarity and effectiveness in having a specific vision and strategy for reaching your life goals. Do you know what the vision and goals are but feel stuck where you are at making progress to the finish line. Are you needing motivation, encouragement, or accountability to reach and fulfill your dreams? Then coaching is for you!! Together we will clarify your vision, determine your goals, specify your action steps,  and celebrate your victory!! Experience the peace, joy and satisfaction of experiencing living the life you desire.  Contact Shelli