Dear patients,

Thank you for allowing us to be your health care practice where we strive for excellence and consider finding the cause of your symptoms our top priority, not just putting a band aid on them. Because this office works a bit differently, our new patient paperwork is quite extensive. Why? We must have the full gamut of information to start our research into your case. It is not as simple as stating your symptom, and then us giving you a prescription to “cover up” the root cause. 

With that said, you must have your new patient paperwork with you at the time of your appointment or sent to the office beforehand. This will allow the full amount of time for your new patient appointment rather than having to shorten it due to paperwork needing to be filled out. 

Along with your paperwork please bring your insurance card, driver’s license, the past 12 months of medical records that are available, all supplement and rx bottles.