During my total knee replacement, my tibia was fractured. As I wait to be cleared for Physical therapy, my hip and lower back have caused me enduring pain. My knee still had a great deal of swelling. I began PEMF treatments for one week, every day. I had no prior knowledge of PEMF nor expectations. After one week of treatments, the swelling has gone down considerably. It actually looks like a knee. My hip and lower back pain has continued to decrease as well.

Rest Wellness + Day Spa has improved my health tremendously and I am so happy we have a spa of this caliber in Abilene, Texas. I had breast cancer in 2015, and then they found lesions on my liver and my labs were not good in May 2017. I started using the HOCATT and infrared sauna because of research and studies I found for alternative ways to fight cancer. In December 2017 I went in for scans and more labs and the lesions had shrunk and my labs were excellent! Thank you, Rest Wellness + Day Spa I am forever grateful.
— Angie, Abilene